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I am a Principal Site Reliability/Network Engineer and system engineer. My expertise focusses on network design and implementation such as datacenters, Internet Exchanges
(BGP), and datacenter interconnects (layer-2/3 or MPLS) and Devops/Automation/Monitoring. During the past years I have designed and implemented several major datacenter networks. I currently operate AS200249 and AS212703.

"If you need a safe, strong and very reliable ship to travel through stormy waters - Wieger is your man"
~ Lisa Lang

I am an VyOS Certified Network Engineer and Zabbix Certified Specialist (ZCS).

2022 - present Productsup
Principal Site Reliability Engineer
- Design and setup new Network infrastructure hosting 2k servers doing 200Gbit/s peaks
- Automate migration to new infrastructure
- Maintain contact with vendors/suppliers
- Automation of server/service deployment
- Write and deploy custom Netbox plugins
- Network Security
Vyos, BGP, IP Transit, Peering, IX, Ansible, Netbox, Zabbix, Python, Go, Grafana,
Haproxy, Nginx...
2019 - 2022 Telindus Nederland
2022 - 2022 Coördinator SMC Intrupt Driven
- Responsible for the daily operations within the team
- Handling P1 escalations
- Resolving complex disruptions
- Responsible for contact with management and other departments
IPv4, IPv6, Ubuntu, IPSec, DNS, Cisco ASA, Cisco Firepower,
Fortinet, Palo Alto, Cisco UCS, Cisco DNA, PKI, VmWare
2021 - 2022 Coördinator SMC DevOps
- Responsible for daily operations in the team
- Responsible for vision in monitoring & automation
- Design and maintenance monitoring & automation platform (8000+ hosts)
- Responsible for contact with management and other departments
Debian, Ubuntu, Zabbix, Vmware, Netapp HCI, Vmware,
PKI, Python
2020 - 2021 Developer Automation & Orchestration focusteam
Within the team (consisting of 2 employees) we have devised and
built an automation framework for integrating systems (ServiceNow,
Zabbix, Ansible, etc.) with customer equipment (various brands)
for automated task handling and incident resolution.
2019 - 2021 Service Lead Engineer - Managed Services (Freelance)
- Monitoring platform based on Zabbix and Zenoss (4000+ hosts)

- Automation based on Ansible/Ansible Tower/Python
- (Cloud) infrastructure based on Windows/Citrix/VmWare

- Guiding/training team members
2019 - 2019 Service Lead Engineer (Freelance)
- Investigate and resolve complex network or firewall incidents
on a wide variety of network infrastructures (for example Cisco ACI, DNA, Juniper).
- Guiding or implementing network changes
- Seeking correlation between various incidents taking place at the same infrastructure
2018 - 2018 Carante Groep
Infrastructure / Security Consultant (Freelance)
- Hired to perform a migration of the e-mail infrastructure to DKIM/DMARC/SPF using Proofpoint
- Responsible for network (email) security and authentication techniques
2017 - 2018 ZorgDomein
Senior Network Engineer (Freelance)
- Setup of high availability network infrastructure with own RIPE allocation and ASN
- Performed a migration of the ZorgDomein infrastructure to new network infrastructure
- Responsible for network security, firewall services and VPN IPSEC tunnels (300+)
- Responsible for firewall/network management
- Setup of new datacenter location including Hyper-V cluster
- Migration of on-premise Exchange to Office365
- Setup of new storage platform based on Ceph/Openstack
- Responsible of network security
BGP, Transit, Vyos, Juniper, Dell, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Zabbix
2014 - 2016 DICTU (Freelance)
Infrastructure expert/netwerk
- Consolidation of the network infrastructure;
- After the aggregation of several ministries we made an inventory of all the network services and wrote an advice/made a design on the new combined network.
- Design a new twin-datacentre; In consultation with the architects and other stakeholders we designed the new datacentre to work as a twin datacentre next to an already operational datacentre.
2014 - 2014 SCC Services (Freelance)
Infrastructure Expert
- Responsible for high-level design data centers
- Responsible for low-level design data centers
- Responsible for the Core network including IP transit negotiations, peering-relations, backbone capacity, complex customer/internal questions, expansion opportunities
- Responsible for analyzing current usage/flexibility and advise further growth
- Responsible for RIPE allocation connectivity
- Responsible for connectivity (BGP/OSPF/RIP, Vyatta/Cisco, Switches)
Implementation of new monitoring based on Netflow, SNMP using Nagios, Cacti and several other open source tools.
2014 - 2014 HP Enterprise (Freelance)
Senior Network Engineer
- Responsible for handing and screening all security-related issues of DEMB network worldwide
- Responsible for all firewall management/RfC management on DEMB firewall´s (Cisco/Checkpoint)
- Responsible for new infrastructure setup hosting all DEMB websites (Senseo, Pickwick, etc).
- Responsible for network security, firewall services and VPN
- Responsible for all Linux/Unix based servers
- Responsible for monitoring of Cisco routers/firewall´s using SNMP and Netflow
- Analyzing network traffic for possible threats
2008 - 2017 WIPA Nederland B.V. (Owner)
Managing Director
- Expanding the company revenue from € 300.000 in 2014 to € 1 mln. in 2016.
- Consulting clients about network and architecture
- Responsible for partners/resellers
- Responsible of network, application and network security
- Delivery of 24x7 Citrix Online Desktop environment
- Responsible for Storage (Ceph, IScsi, HP, Fiber-channel)
- Responsible for network at 4 Datacenter Locations, Fiber connections,
BGP setup, Internet Exchanges, own RIPE ip spaces and ASN
- Setup of high availability webhosting/database clusters
2008 - 2021 Information Trends B.V. (Owner)
Managing Director
- Analyzing the needs of clients and writing the project documentation
- Responsible for all technical documentation
- Development for several large clients as well as a lot of SMB clients, based on ASP/.NET/PHP/Python/Ansible
- Worked for large clients; TMG Distributie B.V., DistriQ Transport, Mondi International, Rabo Bank, Unicef Netherlands
"A versatile and brilliant IT specialist with a strong practical approach in getting things done. I highly recommend him."
~ Shannon Streifel